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Let’s face it, the traditional workplace is no longer satisfying most employee’s needs. Today’s workforce wants to be valued, have flexibility and an impact on their organization and community. While many are aware that a shift in mindset is required, most leaders are feeling confused and overwhelmed - not sure how, or where to start.

During our un-conference you will uncover your unique fears and apprehensions and identify how to own them and move forward. Become the main actor of change in your organization by:

  • Stepping out of your comfort zone to disrupt the status quo;

  • Arming yourself with the tools required to instigate change on a meaningful level within your organization;

  • Learning to shift your mindset from passive to active and live the change you want to see.

Here's a sneak peak into some of the insightful topics we will be discussing at the event!

It’s time to challenge the status quo and commit to a positive transformation in our world where standard practice is ethical, diverse and sustainable workplaces. We’re calling for a whole new brand of leadership - one that is humble, adaptive, and above all, human.


the courage to move from fear to excitement


What people are saying...


agreed that the conference helped build self-awareness as a leader


said the conference provided actionable personal growth


were able to define what they wanted the future of their organization to look like

It’s time to redefine leadership in today’s workplace of chaos and uncertainty. Stop feeling powerless in your current situation, afraid of what tomorrow’s workplace will look like. Instead, take ownership of the future and reframe that fear into excitement for what’s to come.


of participants said they would attend the conference again

“It was truly wonderful to be part of such a high energy, positive group.”

“Loved the variety - a great mix of movement, lectures and group discussions”

“So inspiring, a career shifter event!”

Explore what it means to be a next-gen company and define what tomorrow's workplace actually looks like


Share experiences as a leader as you work side-by-side with like-minded professionals who are also eager to embrace the shifting paradigm.


Listen to success stories from well-known change leaders that will make you reflect upon how to create your own ideal work environment.


Learn how to arm yourself with the skills and tools you'll need to create a next-gen workplace - one where people are motivated and happy to work.


Gain insight into who you are and who you need to become to lead tomorrow's workplace.


Roll up your sleeves and get set to challenge your current mindset and move outside of your comfort zone to find answers.


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