March 2020, Covid-19 pandemic. Closure of venues, closure of all non-essential businesses, lockdown.


For societal security, the shift was imposed on everyone and at the same exact moment in our lives. We had no choice. We had to shift to survive as individuals and as a society.


Days and months went by; we would meet as a team and discuss the emotions we were going through: disbelief, scared, anxious, etc.


Questions such as: when will this end? Is my family going to be ok? Will my business survive? Wait a minute, our TWT event!!!


We had to jump from fear to excitement, and that took us a while. We no longer had the opportunity to host our community in a venue. We had to adapt; we had to shift; we had to find ways to continue our mission.

How did you experience this uncertainty in your organization? How did you get through the fear and find your excitement? What was your 1 degree? TWT team members share their respective experiences in this web series.