Breakfast meet & greet


Bypass the idle chatter and kick start a real conversation around a thought-provoking theme from our wall of wisdom. 


Believership – Mike Vacanti

Kick off the day with Mike Vacanti, founder of the Humanfirst club and author of ‘Believership’. 


What’s your fear?

Ever heard the saying “knowing is half the battle”? We’ll dive into the day with self-reflection to identify the causes and effects of our personal limitations.

-- BREAK --

Where’s your courage?

We proceed with an exercise designed using theatre-based methodology to facilitate active communication through storytelling.

-- LUNCH --

April 23rd - PM




Learn by example – Mike Vacanti

After a successful corporate career Mike realized his real mission is to help people discover their potential, embrace a growth mindset and to perform at levels they didn’t think possible.


The butterfly effect 

An activity designed to lead us from self-reflection to self-expression in order to understand the power of feedback to generate new ideas.


-- BREAK --

Spark your courage

Next up is an exercise in creating awareness of the evolution "from ME to WE”. Harness the creativity of groups using voice, presence, imagination, active listening, self-awareness, and expression.


Get excited  

You’ll be stunned by what’s in your toolbox. You have a role and a choice!